Moorgate® – The perfectly balanced London Dry Gin

Quadruple-Distilled 100% Pure Grain Base Spirit

Before we infuse our base spirit with juniper and other natural botanicals, it undergoes a four-stage distillation process in our traditional pot still, resulting in a pure foundation on which we craft the distinctive essence of our signature London Dry flavour.

Botanicals Infused With Care

Each of our meticulously hand-selected, premium natural botanicals, nine (9) in total, imparts its own exotic flavor to our Gin. Through a gentle infusion process into our pure grain spirit, we achieve a seamless blend that enhances their complexity and captures their bright, vibrant taste, resulting in unparalleled smoothness.

  • Juniper Berry … Bittersweet, with hints of pine, lavender, and camphor.
  • Coriander Seed … Fresh, slightly spicy, sage and lemon flavor.
  • Lemon Peel … Refreshing and invigorating, enhances dryness in gin.
  • Liquorice Root … Bittersweet root enjoyed as confection for centuries.
  • Cinnamon … Comforting and familiar spice, adds a sweet flavor.
  • Orris Root … Root of the Iris, Sweet Violet flavor — binds all the flavors.
  • Cubeb Pepper … Mild peppery flavour and slightly bitter.
  • Grains of Paradise … Woody, peppery, herby, with a warm subtle heat.
  • Angelica Root … Sweet flavors that help “fix” the other flavors.

Our unwavering dedication and our thorough distillation process gives Moorgate® Gin its distinctively exquisite taste, making it the perfect choice for creating exceptional mixed drinks.